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Katie Couric Interviews the Pilot and Crew of US Airways Flight 1549

**Updated to embed video of the actual interview, which aired on Sunday, Feb. 8th**

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First Impact Footage -- US Airways Flight 1549 Hudson River Crash

Vintage Flight Training Promotional Film

Update from Mission Aviation Fellowship

January 19, 2009

Dear MAF Supporter,

Every MAF staff member, pilot, mechanic, and family member gives thanks for you ... especially for your prayer intercession.

While MAF may minister through aviation, communications, and learning technologies, none of these vital ministries would be possible without constant prayer support.

That's why I want to pass on some important prayer requests to you. Would you print this email message and place it in your Bible for your daily quiet time with the Lord? Then during January and February, bring these requests before the Throne of Grace. Thank you.

Please pray for ...

  • 5,000 expected medical flights during 2009, including emergency air ambulance service to jungle villages and isolated missionaries who otherwise wouldn't have access to medical care. Pray for their safety, good weather, and timely transport at their critical moments of need.
  • the establishment of a Flying Doctor Service in northern Mozambique. This effort has been long in coming. It appears that all is in place to soon provide hope and medical care among one million isolated people.
  • wisdom for the MAF leadership as the ministry faces increasing demands for MAF services. It's essential for MAF to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction.
  • safety, always. Flying small aircraft for many hours over trackless jungles, mountains and deserts does pose some risks. While MAF has an excellent safety record, safety is of the Lord. Ask that every MAF plane and pilot remain safe, operating and ministering with peak efficiency.
  • the historic MAF Kalimantan flight program. (You may recently have read my letter that recounted the amazing ground trek of two courageous MAF pilots in Kalimantan. They wanted to experience the challenges of terrain faced by missionaries and nationals every day in this rugged country.) Pray especially for fuel availability in Kalimantan, as aviation gasoline (avgas) remains in critically short supply and is very expensive. Also pray that many who received my letter will accept the invitation to become monthly partners with MAF. If you'd like to join in this way, please visit
  • hundreds of MAF staff and family members serving in dangerous and sensitive regions. Ask the Lord to provide them with many opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ. Pray that thousands of hearts, in areas where traditional missionaries cannot serve, will be touched and transformed through the power of God's love.
  • these challenging financial times. Many MAF partners are experiencing loss of income or jobs. Ask the Lord to bring them His caring comfort, especially to those who strive to remain faithful in their support of God's Kingdom work.

"May the LORD reward your work, and your wages be full from the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge." (Ruth 2:12 NASB)

A special opportunity to pray for MAF ...

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Thanks for being part of the MAF family,
John C. Boyd,
President and CEO